Bookalope Drop

The Drop page demonstrates Bookalope’s default book conversion by using our free web API (view source code). Drop uses Bookalope’s book conversion flow just as if a user would keep clicking “Next” on the website, without any adjustments to the bookflow. The resulting ZIP file contains the test versions of the dropped book in all of Bookalope’s supported file formats for ebooks (EPUB/3, MOBI), print-ready books (PDF), and for continued design and editing (InDesign ICML, and DOCX).

If the user is logged into Bookalope, then the dropped file and its conversion flow are available for review and adjustments through the user’s “Books” page.

Note that Drop works best with the latest browser versions (except Safari). For large files and slow upload speeds, however, Drop may return a server error due to connection timeout.

Not supported, please upgrade your web browser.

Drag and drop a document to convert.