Rethink your
book design workflow

Bookalope offers intelligent and powerful tools that assist with analyzing, structuring, checking, and converting your book manuscripts into ebooks, print-ready books, and other industry-standard formats.


Fit your design workflow

Whether you work as an editor or book designer for a publishing house, as a freelancing designer, or a self-publishing author, Bookalope offers you a set of intelligent and powerful tools that help you convert your manuscript into great books.


Using our web-application or cloud service API, Bookalope’s tools help you streamline your workflow by eliminating tedious manual review, tagging, and structuring work with manuscripts, helping you to focus on the creative aspects again.


Just like for professional publishers, so does Bookalope help you improve your workflow by offering you intelligent tools that relieve laborious work with manuscripts. You’ll be more efficient and creative because of it.


Not sure how to convert your book’s manuscript into a valid ebook or well-designed printed book? Bookalope’s web-application assists you with each step of the way—it’s that easy!


How it works

It’s as easy as 1–2–3: analyze and structure your manuscript, check its content, and convert it into one of our several supported output formats. Bookalope accepts a variety of input formats, without the need to prepare your file. Bookalope’s AI assists you with structuring your text nearly automatically, and therefore generates consistent and well-designed books.

Watch our video tutorials to learn how to use our Bookalope tools step by step!


After uploading your manuscript, Bookalope’s AI analyses, structures, and cleans up your manuscript.


Bookalope’s AI assists you with finalizing your manuscript’s structure, and highlights spelling, typographical, and other nits for you to revise.


Finally, download your book in any of your chosen formats: EPUB, MOBI, PDF, InDesign, Word, etc. All e-books validate and meet Accessibility requirements!



Bookalope benefits: intelligent automation

Intelligent automation
Bookalope’s tools use an Artificial Intelligence, or short AI, designed to assist with structuring and cleaning up your manuscript’s content.

Bookalope benefits: supports many formats

Formats that fit your needs
Bookalope accepts and produces a variety of formats to meet your professional requirements and personal needs.

Bookalope benefits: Accessibility

Benefiting from its AI-assisted structuring, Bookalope automatically produces ebooks that meet Accessibility requirements for assistive technologies.

Bookalope benefits: valid and correct output

Validation & Correctness
Incorporating tools like FlightDeck and ACE, Bookalope validates every ebook, ensuring that your books meet the highest industry standards.

Bookalope benefits: integration API

Our freely available cloud service API allows you to integrate Bookalope’s intelligent tools into your own workflow, thus improving it seamlessly.

Bookalope benefits: Adobe InDesign support

Adobe InDesign Support
Bookalope integrates directly into Adobe InDesign with our open-source and freely available InDesign Extension.



Using the Bookalope tools is free! You pay only when you’re happy with the result, and the cost of the conversion depends on the output format. Please contact us for bulk conversions or if you’re interested in using our cloud service API.


I’m a seasoned software architect with over two decades of experience in computer science research and commercial software development. I’m also a passionate typophile and librophile, and I design print and e-books in my spare time. Because I found no existing software useful, efficient, and intelligent enough for my needs, I’m building it myself. My name is Jens Tröger, welcome to Bookalope!


In addition to connecting with us through one of our social channels, you can always contact us directly via email or Slack:


May 2018
Today we’re launching our awesomely stylish new website, including a much polished set of Bookalope tools!

April 2018
We’re testing WYSIWYG conversion of your book: Bookalope maintains the original styling and does not structure your book’s content. It’s a very easy way to convert your book, but as a result no semantic structure and Accessibility features are available.