Every once in a while I sit down to collect my thoughts about Bookalope, book design, and publishing workflows into a blog post. Please note that these posts reflect my personal opinions only, and resemblances with yours are purely coincidental!

How I update and fix ebooks… automatically

Automation using its cloud API is one of Bookalope’s strengths. In this blog post I detail how I used a simple shell script that talks to the Bookalope API to automatically fix invalid ebooks as well as upgrade outdated ebooks in just a few minutes. (July 2019)  Read more…

Podcast with We Are Futureproofs

Thank you John Pettigrew of We Are Futureproofs for an interesting and jolly interview. I enjoyed his questions and our conversation. This was my first public interview related to Bookalope! John has made the podcast available on his website, so please visit and peruse his other interviews. (February 2019)

Book Design and Hot Chocolate

This is a story of automation, and the story of how Bookalope came about. It was first published at Digital Book World in 2017 but has since then been removed when DBW was taken over by Score Publishing. The original blog has been republished here with permission, and a somewhat abridged version was later published by Booknet Canada. (Sometime 2017 and January 2019)  Read more…

Of Carts and Horses

The traditional process of making books is tailored to the static medium of print. However, in a world of portable reading devices of widely varying sizes and capabilities, print books rarely adapt well. Converting from static print-designs to a format for customizable electronic presentations is error-prone, cumbersome, and time-consuming, and therefore expensive. That is where Bookalope helps. (July 2015)  Read more…