About Bookalope

This is our story. We’re seasoned software developers, and for many years we’ve explored the world of digital and print book design. We honed our skills and became book design nerds and typophiles. From this adventure Bookalope was born — a set of AI-assisted software tools that take the pain out of the publishing production workflow.

Who we are

Bookalope’s founder Jens loves beautiful books, and in his spare time creates digital and print books as a hobby. When he found that none of the existing software was useful, efficient, or intelligent enough for his needs, Jens decided to build his own tools. Applying his extensive experience in computer science research and commercial software development, Jens created Bookalope, a professional set of tools for book designers and creators everywhere. With the help of passionate friends, our tools today help you too to create beautiful books!

Picture of Jens Troeger

Jens Tröger
Founder, Engineer

Picture of Antoine Lecrlaire

Antoine Leclair

Picture of Jens Maus

Jens Maus
Cloud admin