Why choose Bookalope?

Your books matter. Our Bookalope tools ensure you create accessible ebooks and beautiful print books efficiently. Whether you work with manuscripts fresh from your copy editor or with existing old and even invalid ebooks, Bookalope helps you get the job done your way. Because your time matters, too.

Improve your workflow

At Bookalope, we believe that software tools should support, refine, and enrich instead of dictate your workflow. Choose how you want to work with our tools and where you’d like to integrate them into your existing book production process. You decide whether you want just a little support for what you’ve got, or if you’d prefer Bookalope to do all the work.

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Save time

Tedious, boring, and tiresome. That’s what manually cleaning up and structuring manuscripts for ebook conversion and print design feels like for many publishers and book designers. Bookalope cuts to the chase by automating most aspects of that process. It reduces work that takes you hours or even days to manually structure, clean-up, and convert to just a few minutes using our custom-designed AI-assisted tools. Simply double-check that everything is labeled correctly, and hit convert. Done!

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Save money, stay in control

Bookalope also saves you money! Publishing houses streamline their book production workflow with Bookalope for book conversions to accessible ebooks, to print-ready books, to structured InDesign or XML. This increases publishing rates while ensuring high-quality books, fast-tracks the production process, and keeps your files consolidated in-house! You don’t need to depend anymore on third-party services with longer waiting times and uncertain quality. This gives your staff more time to be productive and creative.

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Standards compliance and Accessibility

Intelligent tools free you from plodding through repetitive work and fussing over technical details. You don’t want to edit PDF files, and you should not have to worry about ebooks either. That’s where Bookalope comes in: it automatically produces valid and accessible ebooks as well as accessible, print-ready PDF files. You can also just download clean and structured InDesign or XML files, if that’s what you need for your worflow. All files are automatically checked and validated to ensure they comply with the highest industry standards. Easy.

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Flexibility for authors and editors

Bookalope is all about flexibility. Use the word processor and layout style that you like or are already using at the office. You don’t need to constrain yourself to fixed templates. Authors shouldn’t have to comply with restrictive templates, either. Bookalope’s AI-assisted document import handles diverse document layouts, continuously learns new ones, and works with the files and layouts that you are comfortable with.

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Adobe InDesign integration

Download our free and open-source extension for Adobe InDesign from the Adobe Exchange. It enables book designers to seamlessly integrate Bookalope’s AI-assisted tools into their existing workflow. Once you sign up for an account, you’ll immediately receive an access token that grants your extension and InDesign access to all Bookalope cloud services, and you’re all set!

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There’s more!

Bookalope’s set of intelligent book production tools offers a wealth of useful features. Some of those features are immediately visible as you work with your books, and some features you’ll never even notice. Take a look at the Great features section in our user manual to learn more…

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