How does it work?

Bookalope’s AI-assisted tools structure, format, and clean documents with greater efficiency and precision than manual or semi-automated workflows. Our tools work on a variety of platforms: they’re designed to integrate with your existing publishing workflow — whether you work with Adobe InDesign, already have a semi-automated XML workflow, or just want to get things done with a few clicks in your browser.

Adobe InDesign

Already work with InDesign? We recommend downloading our Bookalope extension for Adobe InDesign. This gives you all the Bookalope benefits and there’s no need to switch software! And the extension seamlessly integrates with our website tools, too!

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Online? Use our website

The Bookalope website gives you direct access to all tools, and our servers securely store your manuscripts while you work with them. This is the easiest way to immediately and efficiently convert your old or invalid ebooks or book manuscripts into accessible ebooks and beautiful print books.

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Integrate with our cloud API

If you already have an XML workflow or you’re maintaining your own customized production workflow then you can easily integrate Bookalope’s AI-assisted tools using our free and open-source cloud API.

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Cloud intelligence

We structure documents all of the time; bolding headings, indenting poems and italicizing quotations. But it’s a long way from visual design to machine-readable structured content, which is at the core of accessible ebooks, accessible PDFs, and consistently structured InDesign documents and XML. You may even rely on pre-formatted templates or manually tagged paragraphs, both of which are inflexible and error-prone solutions. Bookalope’s AI-assisted tools take care of your unstructured documents, whether they come as invalid ebooks, raw Word manuscripts, or other formats. That’s automation in its truest sense!

Anything else?

Not sure which option would best suit your current work? Just contact us to ask us questions, or book a free 1-on-1 consultation so we can tailor our advice and tools to best suit your needs.