In addition to the video tutorials below and our detailed online manual, we also offer more technical Bookalope blog posts. If you still have questions about another topic, or if you have a specific suggestion, feel free contact us so that we continue to expand our knowledge base!

An important principle

Bookalope is rather opinionated about structured content, and that’s good and necessary because we can create accessible books only if we work with meaningful and rich content. While at first it may seem cumbersome to review the structure labels of an uploaded document, it in fact ensures that all content becomes meaningful and therewith accessible. By separating the structured content of your book from its visual design presentation, Bookalope enables you to focus on content—independently of the medium for which eventually you will export the book. It also ensures that, when exporting a book as ebook or print book, the content is accessible, clean, and styled consistently across the whole book.

Online user manual

In addition to our video tutorials below, Bookalope offers an extensive online manual with much background information, a simple and complete example conversion, and a detailed guide that walks you through converting a document from start to finish. Our manual also talks about other aspects of using Bookalope, like managing your Profile and Plans, a number of useful recipes, and it encourages you to think outside of the box

Video Tutorials

Bookalope offers a thought-through set of intelligent tools that help you turn an invalid, outdated ebook or an unstructured book manuscript into an accessible ebook, beautiful print book, and other file formats to continue your professional production and design process. Whether you use the Bookalope extension for InDesign, our interactive website, or the cloud API. Our video tutorials explain how it all works. You can visit our Youtube Channel, or watch our tutorials right here.


Bookalope’s explainer video to summarize how it works and who’s it for.


Bookalope’s new introduction.

Old video Tutorials

While we’re currently creating a series of new video tutorials, feel free to brows through our collection of tutorials from a few years ago. By and large Bookalope still works like it did back then, but you will notice many improvements to both the website and our workflow…


In this video we create an account with Bookalope, and we create and manage books and Bookflows.


In this video we upload the book manuscript to Bookalope, and we show how to generate or upload a book cover.

Import, Part 1

This is the first of two videos about importing our manuscript into Bookalope. In this video we use Bookalope’s import options and style filters to help us work with the structure of our book, and which prepare us for the second video.

Import, Part 2

This is the second of two videos about importing our manuscript. Bookalope has already extracted its content and attempted to structure that content based on the visual styling of our manuscript. In this video we review, adjust, and confirm the structure for manuscript, and we finish the Import step.


After Bookalope has extracted and structured its content, we can now review the text content of our manuscript. In this video we work with Bookalope’s content checker to review and correct problems in our text.

Convert & Download

In this final video we convert and download our manuscript into different file formats for the Nook, iPad, and Kindle; into a print-ready book; or for other applications like Adobe InDesign and Word to continue our editing and design work flow.